These are the various catagories to track posts on the blog:

  • New at Screenpens – Shows what’s going on at the home website; new services and announcements. Posting will be only ScreenPens staff however comments will be accepted by everyone.
  • Digital Distribution and Free HOW TO’s
  • Projects – Post by anyone on new digital media projects or updates on exisiting projects are placed here.
  • Resources – ScreenPens provides a large list of resources and links for filmmakers. Suggestions for resource links are placed in this catagory. We’ll review them and if we feel they are appropriate for the site, they’ll be added as time permits. Post the link and a short blurb about it.
  • Reviews – We all have our favorite products and services, software, technology, cameras, lenses etc. Write a User Review of your favorite items. The “must have” is that you’ve actually used the item you are reviewing. Reviews for Films you’ve seen and Books you’ve read are welcome.  Be professional and eloquent, vulgarity will be deleted.
  • Suggestions – Self explanatory, post your suggestions to improve the site or add services or features you feel may be worthwhile.

Thanks and Enjoy both the website and the blogs



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