Review – “Speed Grieving” a Film by Jessica Daniels

The Hamptons Film Festival darling – “Speed Grieving”, a dramatic short, starring Alysia Reiner , Directed by Jessica Daniels , written by Dasha Snyder and produced by Katie Rosin & Alysia Reiner opened in the quaint by substantial venue at the UA East Hampton Theater. Audiences were touched by the short but moving film dealing with a loving daughter and how she deals with grief in the most amazing and uplifting manner.

Based on a true story concept by Alysia Reiner and expanded into the short film by writer Dasha Snyder, the women found it easy to work together since they had experienced similar feelings at different times in their lives… feelings we all have at least once in our lives.


2 Responses

  1. I saw this film at the Hamptons and it moved me to tears. Absolutely loved it. I hope it scoops up awards at festivals and lands an Academy Award nomination. It deserves the ultimate prize!

  2. Thanks for the comment Faron. I had the great opporutnity to personally meet some of the women involved in this touching little movie at the Hampton’s Film Fest. They are a very deep feeling, witty and emotional group who have made a true work of the heart based on a real life event that was experienced by Alysia Reiner. If you liked Alysia Reiner’s performance, and who wouldn’t 🙂 , you can also catch her as “Christine Erganian”, Thomas Haden Church’s fiance in Sideways and “Shuller” the gallery owner in Kissing Jessica Stein. Thanks for the response and feel free to keep them coming. – MP

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