#HowTo:’Heroes’ creator Tim Kring on Multi-Media strategy

[Mike’s Comments] This idea isn’t only for the big boys. Think Multiple Media channels when making your films. Even before you start shooting, you should have a multi media campaign in mind. How can you create an Internet presence? What about online Graphic Novels, Self published books, YouTube shorts and videos… Online broadcasts, live casts etc. Think out of the box and think multi media channels when planning your film! Follow the link below the article to the full interview on Cinema Tech

While in LA last month, I had a chance to sit down with “Heroes” creatorTim  Kring in the show’s production offices. Kring is part of a session I’m hosting on October 24th at the Boston Book Festival.

We talked for about a half-hour. I asked Kring about the ukulele made of mango wood that was sitting on a stand in his office, and he played a couple chords for me. We talked about George Lucas as the original  a (sic multi media) storyteller, introducing characters like Boba Fett on television first (and in a parade!), and then later weaving them into the narrative of the Star Wars films, books, and of course, toy lines.

The part of the conversation I captured on video covers Kring’s approach to transmedia storytelling… some of the books that have spun off from the “Heroes” TV show…how he thinks about the audience’s desire to participate in the “Heroes” universe…and a little bit about “Flag of Orpheus,”the trilogy of books (unrelated to “Heroes”) that Kring is working on with the novelist Dale Peck. (I mistakenly call it “Gate of Orpheus” in the interview…the perils of shooting and asking questions at the same time…)

12574661-3696653962312052160?l=cinematech.blogspot.com via CinemaTechby Scott Kirsner on 10/11/09


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