Horror given full reign at box office #ParanormalActivity

Horror has been a staple of indie filmmakers since the dawn of motion pictures. What is it about Horror that keeps us coming back? Why is Horror so appealing?

Comments:] Let’s start the discussion with “Fear” and how we deal with it as the primal question. We encounter fear everyday of our lives, whether its scurrying down a dark alley at night or walking into the boss’ office to ask for a raise.

The emotion of fear is like a wild beast and has the potential to overwhelm us if not kept in check and well managed. Horror films and scary stories give us the chance to experience fear head-on in a protected environment, kinda like letting the dog out to run free in the yard. We get to “play’ and “train” our fears getting to know its every nuance.

What other aspects of Horror films get your blood going?

[Mike’s Comments:] Read the full article “Horror given full reign at box office

‘Saw’ looks to cut it vs. ‘Paranormal’ — “Saw”‘s reign as Halloween’s No. 1 monster could be weakened this year by Paramount’s out-of-nowhere “Paranormal Activity.” – Variety.com – Front Page on 10/22/09

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