Just MAKE FILMS and stop bitching!

[Mike’s Comments:] Here’s a great rant/call-to-action for indie filmmakers from Amir Masud. Rather than sit on the sidelines and cry about the economy and lack of funding et al, get up off your camera bags and SHOOT! Make films any way you can.

Indie Filmmaking isn’t about hanging out in coffee shops wearing mismatched clothes and a three-day beard, bitching about the world. Indie Filmmaking had its birth in the 70’s and 80’s BECAUSE things were crummy all around. Indie Filmmakers made movies any way they could. They were the voice that held a spotlight on topics that the huge corporate studios wouldn’t. Hence the moniker INDEPENDENT FILM!

Your legacy my newbies is to pick up the gauntlet, exploit all the new cheap technology and JUST MAKE FILMS! If they’re good people will find you, if they’re bad people will give you all the free feedback you need to improve!

Read Amir’s comments here


ATTENTION: For Indie News and Behind the Scenes stuff, Check out ScreenPens.com


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