HowTo: Pick the Right Screenplay – Part 5

Part 5 – Plot vs Story: Why you need both in the Right Screenplay

Many filmmakers search for the most intriguing stories they can find. We come to watch indie films for this reason. Show me something I can’t find in the “lowest-common-denominator”, four-quadrant films of the major studios. Hollywood’s job is to exploit conventions. Indie Film’s job is to create new conventions.

Of all moving picture art forms, Independent Film is the exploration vehicle by which we push the envelope into subject matter that keeps us fresh. Of all these,  Independent Film carries the responsibility to feature both plot and story that is innovative, intriguing, inspirational and inventive.

What is “Plot” and how does it differ from “Story” and where do they both fit into indie filmmaking? 

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Talking with Jon Reiss, Author of ‘Think Outside the Box Office’

[Mike’s Comments:] here’s a very interesting audio interview by Scott Kirsner discussing Author/Filmmaker Jon Reiss’ new book on how we need to think outside the typical Box Office world to hammer our stake into the new film psyche

Repost from: “Talking with Jon Reiss, Author of ‘Think Outside the Box Office’ via CinemaTech by Scott Kirsner on 11/17/09

Back in September, I [Scott Kirsner] sat down with filmmaker Jon Reiss to talk about his forthcoming book, Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution and Marketing for the Digital Era.’ Jon takes a very nuts-and-bolts approach to creating a distribution strategy that combines the best of the old world and the new world. The book just went on sale this week, and if you’re in New York, Jon is giving a presentation tonight at the IFCCenter. (Jon was a discussion leader at Distribution U. earlier this month in L.A., and the photo above is of him signing a few advance copies of Think Outside the Box Office at that event.)

In our conversation, we talked about:

– Why filmmakers still feel compelled to make feature-length films, when everyone is watching short videos on the Internet

– Developing a marketing and distribution strategy before you hit the festival circuit

– Thinking about your core audience, especially if you’re making a narrative feature or a doc on a broad societal issue

– Services Jon recommends for selling DVDs and digital downloads.

You can download the MP3 (it runs about 14 minutes) here, or just click “play” below.

Syndicating Your Content: How to Achieve Ultimate Exposure

[Mike’s Comments;] Here’s a great article by Michael Cohn on his blogsite regarding the benefits and traps of digital syndication of your films.

Syndicating Your Content: How to Achieve Ultimate Exposure

via CompuKol Connection by Michael Cohn on 11/23/09

Overview of IndieGoGo Resources (PDF version)

[Mike’s Comments:] Resource review for indie filmmakers! Here’s a great guide for DIY and DIWO (Do it with others) filmmakers that covers the basis and some interesting notes on Social Media distribution and marketing.

Source: Overview of IndieGoGo Resources (PDF version)

via IndieGoGo: Blog by Danae Ringelmann on 11/19/09

Corman Honored by Oscar as the King of Independent Film

Roger Corman honored for indie film achievement

[Mike’s Comments;] Great to see Corman get the honor he deserves. After all, this man single handedly created indie film as a viable ongoing business, giving birth to some of the great filmmakers and indie films of our time.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has bestowed an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Oscar on Roger Corman, who, at 88, is arguably the single most important force in the history of independent cinema.

Original Source: IndieFlix by Charley on 11/20/09

“April Showers” Secures Top Spot on iTunes

[Mike’s Comments;]Top Indie film on I-tunes movie page. April Showers, the terrifyingly real but dramatized story of the Columbine school massacre finds its way to the top of the list of independently released films.

Writer/director, Andrew Robinson, himself a survivor of the Columbine High School massacre, retells the harrowing story from his point of view with enough fictionalized material to make it his own unique tale.

April Showers features Kelly Blatz, Daryl Sabara, Janel Parrish, Ellen Woglom, Illeana Douglas and Tom Arnold. Cinematography by Aaron Platt.

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