Distribution U – Scott Kirsner/Pete Broderick

[Mike’s Comments:] Hey ScreenPens readers. Here’s a great opportunity to get the inside scoop on new and emerging Indie Distribution schemes and strategies. Try to make this event if you can and tell ’em ScreenPens sent you. – MP


Distribution U. is happening next Saturday, November 7th!

Scott Kirsner and I are very excited about how everything has come together and the great response we’ve gotten.

We are pleased that a stellar group of resource people will be joining us, including Adrian Belic (festival strategist, director of “Beyond the Call,” and co-director of “Genghis Blues”), Adam Chapnick (founder of Distribber, the pioneering company that works with filmmakers to maximize their digital revenues), Madelyn Hammond (marketing guru and former Chief Marketing Officer at VARIETY), Justine Jacob (director of “Ready, Set, Bag!” and an attorney at the law firm Lee & Lawless), Thomas Mai (who is heading up the new cutting-edge foreign sales company Festival Darlings), Cara Mertes (the innovative director of the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Program), and Jon Reiss (director of “Bomb It,” DIY advocate, and author of the just published book “Think Outside the Box (Office)”). During lunch, they will each lead a discussion group focusing on their areas of unique expertise.

As I mentioned in my last e-mail, director Sacha Gervasi will do a case study of “Anvil! The Story of Anvil,” and producer Cora Olson will do a case study of “Good Dick,” both of which are great examples of successful hybrid distribution.

Scott and I have designed the event to maximize networking opportunities. In addition to lunch, there will be a networking breakfast, networking breaks, and a post-conference get-together. We will have a terrific mix of speakers, resource people and participants, and want to give everyone a chance to connect and potentially collaborate in the future. You can see a list of everyone who has already signed up to participate here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

At this point we still have some room left if you’d like to sign up. We’ve extended the discounted price until Wednesday, Nov. 5th at noon, and you can still use the Paradigm Consulting discount whenever you sign up. Register here (use the discount code “paradigm”).

I hope you’ll be able to join us for what we believe will be an invaluable event.

Onwards and upwards,

Thanks, Peter Broderick

please send your request to: jenni@peterbroderick.com


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