Trade Your Movie Smarts for Cash!

[Mike’s Comments:] Earn $$$ instead of getting high over your next game of Movie Trivia., owned by the Cantor Exchange, will be launching it’s long anticipated Hollywood Stock Exchange were movie buffs can invest and trade in Movie Title Futures(just like the big boys on Wall Street). Get Paid for what you know and tell ’em ScreenPens sent you. – MP

Source: Alex Costakis, Managing Director Hollywood Stock Exchange

Subject: Trade Movies Now and Earn Cash!

Dear Valued HSX Trader,

Given your experience in box office trading on, we thought you might be eager to make some real cash trading movies.

Now here’s your chance!

As you may know, Cantor Exchange is gearing up to launch real-money trading of Movie Box Office Contracts, which will be similar to the virtual trading you already do on

While waiting for the launch, we invite you to join It Pays to Practice, a free promotion that lets you try to earn real cash from practice trading on the Cantor Exchange between now and December 31, 2009.

Here’s how it works…

Everyone starts with 10,000 “virtual dollars” in a Cantor Exchange practice account, and at the end of the practice period Cantor Exchange will convert each 1,000 virtual dollars of profit you earn into $10 cash and deposit it into your real-money trading account (maximum $100 per trader). So if you earn 10,000 virtual dollars in profit while practicing on Cantor Exchange, you get $100! There is no cost to participate in this program. Complete rules are available on the web site.

You must sign up with Cantor Exchange to participate in this promotion. If you are not currently registered, please register now invite your friends to join, too!

We hope you enjoy this promotion. Also, please visit the new Cantor Exchange website at for the latest information about real-money box office trading.

And thank you for being a loyal HSX trader!

Hollywood Stock Exchange


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