HowTo: Web VS Indie Films – How to stay ahead of the Curve?

[Mike’s Comments:] Very sane article on Brian’s blog regarding the near and present state of Web vs. Indie Films. How will this all roll out? Having been there at the dawn of the broadband Internet craze and having been involved with a number of technology start ups I have to agree with a lot of what Brian is saying, with some caveats.

We will very much see a consolidation of TV, Theatrical, Web, On Demand and other distribution channels for new indie content. While this may make things simpler from a “choice” point for viewers, it will make things more difficult for the Indie Filmmaker to get SOME form of distribution. As technology and broadband continue to drive down the costs of production, we find the “big boys” ( Studios and Theatrical outlets) flex their muscle to consolidate their monopolistic control over new media channels.

How will Indie Filmmakers stay ahead of the curve? Check out the ScreenPens article on How to make $$$ in the Web2.0 Verse here

For Brian’s full article check out his blog page at

– MP


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