“Gattaca” coming to TV as Police Procedural

[Mike’s Comments;] Gattaca, one of my favorite Sci Fi “thinkflics” was the Ethan Hawk, Uma Thurman and Jude Law (what a cast! let’s not forget Ernest Borgnine) potboiler about one man’s heroic battle against prejudice and adversity, will be “remade” for TV.

Of course the wiz-kids at the networks are completely missing the point about why this film was so great. They’ve completely left out the heart of the story which is Hawks fight againt the oppressive “genetically perfect” world around him and turned this into yet another boring Police Procedual.

Good Luck. I’ll stick with the DVD.


via TV Tidbits: Gattaca Series Will Be a Police Procedural, ABC Eying Charlies Angels and Goes Crazy with New Sitcom, New Caprica Poster.


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