Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE Put Away For Good!

eliza-dushku-cnn-01[Mike’s Comments;] I love Joss like every movie geek, but even he had to see this coming. First his Eliza Dushku vehicle was parked in Fox’s Friday night twilight zone slot, where all great shows go to die, then they stubbornly hung on to the show’s  quasi S&M theme (Hot Chick you can rent to be anything you want and probably won’t remember it) two strikes right out of the box!  Destined to get old real soon!

Try watching the Sci Fi Channel to get Friday Night TV done right. The Friday night audience wants thought provoking, interesting characters and story lines to make up for the fact that they have to stay home, eat casseroles and change diapers instead of being out in the pubs with their mates. Having a main character that is someone different each week doesn’t cut it.

A personal friend of mine who is the director of one of the remaining 9 episodes that will be aired on Fox, engaged in lengthy discussions over copious amounts of Irish Whiskey, on how to fix the show.  I still stand by my suggestion; A simple plot reveal where we discover that Dushku’s character (Echo) willingly and consciously entered into the program to discover the fate of her long lost (fill in the blank; sister, brother, father, mother, cocker spaniel etc.), would have saved the show.


There is no character conflict in “forgetting” the bad stuff. Imagine the drive and determination of a person that must “pretend to forget” all the dastardly roles she is forced to assume, in the single minded quest for her goals.  Consider each and every one of us that flops down in front of the TV on Friday night, after a long week at work sucking up to “THE MAN” “pretending to forget” all the crap we put up with just to get by.


THAT is a character we can identify with and get behind week after week.  Next time you get a show, Joss… just give us a call at ScreenPens.Com! – MP


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