WTF is up with Hootsuite RSS FEED?

Like many of us that run a high traffic site, we rely on third-party aggregation packages to help us get the work out and keep track of mentions and RTs. One of the packages I use is Hootsuite, a neat little console for managing multiple Twitter feeds and threads. It also provides a simple “stats” screen to track those shortened URL’s.

One of the main features that I loved (until the last 5-6 days) was it’s RSS re posting feature. This feature picks up my RSS feeds and re-posts them to my Twitter page.  It was very handy UNTIL  11/13/09 at about  3 pm in the afternoon when it went BELLY UP.

I’ve called, I’ve posted, I’ve cried and sent in dozens of emails only to discover hundreds of other people have the same issue that HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS to get results. Don’t recommend I validate the RSS feed because I already have, like, 20 times on different Feed Validators.

THIS SUCKS! If you’re having the same problem with Hootsuite, join the complaint below with a comment and I’ll compile them all and send them to Hootsuite en masse (the Low Tech Post Office is still good for something!) . 

If anyone knows another site that can repost my RSS feeds to twitter, let me know. I fed up with Hootsuite! Please join the complaint with a comment below and let’s get this fixed! – MP


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