Follow Up: “WTF / Hootsuite”… CrowdForcing

CrowdForcing; The New “Protest March?”

CrowdForcing (def: mobilizing 100’s or 1000’s of Social Media users on networks and blogs to bombard slackers, goof offs, corrupt politicians and underperforming web sites to get their sh*t  together!)

Thank you all for the RT’s and Re Posts on the Hootsuite RSS Issue (read it here) . About a week ago, on 11/13/09 a major Twitter partner, “Hootsuite” tripped over it’s shoelaces. I don’t know if it’s because of the high volume or because they’re running out of money or support folks, but one of my favorite features is their RSS pick up service. This service picks up RSS feeds from my blog site and posts them to Twitter. VERY HANDY.

Normally Hootsuite is pretty good and I rely on it immensely to manage the 1000’s of tweets I receive and send everyday. When the RSS feed went down a couple of days ago, I was dead in the water! Posts weren’t going out and the queue was backed up like a Yeti’s toilet.

I sent a half dozen emails to their support site and found that many other people were having the same problem as well. Some of the complaints went back for MONTHS. I was not impressed.

I put the word out via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace et al and I seemed to work. 1000’s of RT’s and “Shares” later I finally got a message back from “Hootsuite” that they had identified the problem and were working on it.

So far the last few posts have started flowing again, but I could not have done it without your held out their in the SN Multiverse!

Cheers again and long live CrowdForcing! – MP


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