Project: ScreenPens new film “THE MAGIC”

ScreenPens is now in post production on a new film, code name, THE MAGIC, stay tuned for the debut in Mid January!

The Magic is a sprawling fantasy piece which follows a group of weary travelers who, with the help of a very unusual sprite rediscover their passion and vitality upon finding themselves transported to a wondrous magical land.”

Danielle Hess

Leslie Meisel

Starring Leslie Meisel and Danielle Hess, The Magic promises to be a film that will make you smile and renew your belief in the power of enchantment. Watch for the trailer which will premier soon on the ScreenPens.Com web site.


Interview With BlueCat Alum Vicki Speegle

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Reposted from BlueCat Screenplay Competition Newsletter.

BlueCat Screenplay Competition Newsletter 29-Dec-2009

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:: LA Workshops

:: Interview – 2007 Finalist Vicki Speegle

:: New Feature

:: December Title Contest Deadline – Six Days

:: Free Entry Friday – Twitter

:: Script of the Week

What’s New BlueCat?

The Los Angeles workshops are approaching fast, with room available on both days. Register now to polish your full script, or your first ten pages.

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We have another new addition to the newsletter this week. Starting with today’s issue, we will give our readers the chance to submit their own critiques of scripts. Look for links to scripts of recent popular films, and write your way to a free entry into the 2010 competition.

Offering yet another download, our Script of the Week continues this week with The Road.

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Los Angeles Workshop Jeff Hirschberg BookSpots Available

Do you reside in the Los Angeles area?

In early 2010, Gordy will be in Los Angeles for not one, but two, workshops. On a rare two-day excursion, Gordy will be conducting a Full Script Workshop, and a First Ten Pages Workshop.

There are spots available for both days, but workshops fill quickly, so register today.

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NYC – Six Week Intensive Art of Editing Workshop

Date: Mon 11 Jan, 2010 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Manhattan

You Want To Be An Editor. Manhattan Edit Workshop Wants to Help.

Your Reel will be sent and viewed by 15 Post-houses


So, all you ScreenPens fans. The gang did the AVATAR IMAX thing in 3D Thursday Night, midnight showing at the IMAX theater in NYC. We actually waited in line from 8:30 PM until show time around 12 Midnight. We had tickets from about 2 months ago, so our seats were perfect. Here’s the short of it.

Astounding imagery. Cliché storyline. But a MUST SEE (At least one time) for posterity.

Cameron has done it again! He’s broken through the fourth wall and brought us into the world of Pandora. His 3D visual technology is extraordinary. The CGI amazing. The motion capture of the Na’vi people is groundbreaking and so detailed you can almost smell their musk! Never thought I’d get a rise from a 7 foot blue Smurf with a tail but, then again, there it is.

The FloatingMountains are pure Roger Dean from the early YES albums and the jungle battle scenes are so photo realistic you’ll think you died and went to “Nam. Picture the gut wrenching opening images of “Saving Private Ryan”, now superimpose, the Native American warriors from “Dances With Wolves” (only blue) and you’re only halfway there!

And in case you’re thinking this is only a guy flick, don’t worry. You can bring your date because there’s enough sentimentality and love story to warm even the most jaded “Romance’ freak. Even the hard core “fan boys” sitting next to me shed a tear or two.

The movie is long, about 3 hours, but you don’t get bored even for a minute because the screen is full of detail that you can’t all take in at once.

The story could have been better. We’re on an ALIEN PLANET for Henry’s sake! Couldn’t they come up with a culture model at least a bit different from Native American “horse culture” with bows and arrows? And if humans only need a simple facemask to operate in Pandora’s atmosphere, WHY BUILD THESE BILLION DOLLAR AVATARS in the first place? Okay, so there are some holes in the plot. So what?

In any case go see AVATAR in 3D. All your friends will be talking about it and you don’t want to be hanging out in the corner still babbling about “300” and “Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within”

ScreenPens gives AVATAR 3 out of 4 Pens.

Mike P.

EVENT: Danny Lerman Little Big Band / Guest Star: Devin Richards

[Mike’s Comments] Hey Folks, here’s another great event from ScoBar Entertainment in NYC

Scott Barbarino invites you to "Danny Lerman Little Big Band with Special Guest Star: Devin Richards" on Tuesday, December 22 at 8:00pm.

Event: Danny Lerman Little Big Band with Special Guest Star: Devin Richards

Hosted by "ScoBar Entertainment"

What: Performance

Start Time: Tuesday, December 22 at 8:00pm

End Time: Wednesday, December 23 at 12:05am

Where: Iridium Jazz Club

To see more details and RSVP, follow the facebook link below:

EVENT: SF Int’l Women’s Film Fest

[Mike’s comments:] All those fan of  #SpeedGrieving Here’s YOUR chance to breakthrough. The SF Women’s Int’l #Film Fest opens its doors.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Don’t miss the 6th Annual San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival (SFWFF), presented by the Women’s Film Institute, to be held April 5 through 11, 2010.

Call For Entries – San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival accepts films and videos of all lengths and genres: narrative, documentary, experimental and animation. Films and videos must be directed or co-directed by women. Entry fee: $30 (Deadline: December 31, 2009). For more information, and to submit your film:

There are so many ways you can get involved and support an organization that is dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and girls through film and new media. You can volunteer and sign up for our e-newsletter.

For more information about volunteering call (415) 754-FILM or

Sign up for our e-newsletter:

For more information visit:

EVENT: Boston Int’l Film Fest & San Diego IndieFest

[Mike’s Comments:] Another great set of film fests and opportunities to get your work seen and sold! Go to our friends a to sign up. It’s free and they also provide discounts to their members for entry fees.

Go get ‘em and tell them ScreenPens sent you – MP