AUDITIONS for ScreenPens, Ltd. Productions


Special Thanks to all that made it a success!

ScreenPens, Ltd. Productions will hold auditions for an upcoming short video spot  that will be reviewed by one of the world’s most sought after director/producing teams in consideration for a future commercial project.

For security reasons we can only reveal the project  details and the director’s identity to you personally when you submit your email and head shots.

Consider it a FREE demo reel for both you and possibly someone you know which will put you in front of a major production team for consideration on an upcoming fully PAID commercial project.

Auditions will be held in Midtown Manhattan by appointment only, one day over the next two weeks (12/21-12/28). Time, Date and Location for the auditions will be provided at the time of submission.

We are looking for an attractive woman late 20’s to early 30’s who also may have a 8-10 year old girl who resembles her. Mother’s /Daughter’s, Aunt / Niece are fine as well as non-relatives. The key is that  the actress and child look as much alike as possible. First Timer’s WELCOME 😉

The requirements for the adult actor are:

1) She must have experience reading lines quickly. There is a substantial amount of dialogue that must be read in a short amount of time. A solo monologue on camera with cue cards, so memorization is not an issue.

2) The adult actor must have great comic timing and be exceptional with emotive facial and physical gestures while performing the part (light physical comedy). Think “Vanna White with a NY attitude”.

Requirements for the child actor:

3) The requirements for the Child Actor is just to look like the adult actor. There will be only one line for the child and only about an hour’s work.

Relatives are welcome on the shoot. There will be no pay for the short video but lunch and copies of the finished reel will be provided. The short video is guaranteed to be seen by the major director and their team.

Additionally should the commercial project get approved, there will  be full pay and fully paid international travel for the commercial project if chosen.

Those interested should send  head shots and resume to:

Please put “Mother/Daughter” in the subject line of your email.

Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon. – MP


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