Tectonic shift coming for biz

[Mike’s Comments:] Seems the message is finally sinking in to the Hollywood execs. They must be reading ScreenPens Blog because we posted an original story on the New Change in filmmaking and distribution back in October! Check out the ScreenPens article “How to: Making $$$ in the Web 2.0 Verse” here at ScreenPens News Blog!

Read the complete Variety Article below.

By Diane Garret (Source: Variety.com)

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

That was the refrain at Variety‘s inaugural entertainment and technology summit Monday at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica.

A roster of showbiz heavyweights marveled at the speed of technological change, and predicted the pace would increase in the months ahead as companies try to reshape old economic models, rethink megamergers like NBC U and Comcast — and, crucially, redefine their own goals and their relationship with audiences.

“I think the competitive landscape one year from now is going to be nothing like we know it today because everybody’s going to buy something — and they are going to buy it cheap,” said Soleil-Media Metrics managing director Laura Martin during the summit’s global strategies session.

Read More at Variety.com http://bit.ly/TectonicShift



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