ScreenPens WINS Peter Jackson?

Mike P and ScreenPens WIN Peter Jackson?

Yes! THAT Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong, District 9, The Lovely Bones, etc).

You can make our dream a reality by Voting for the ScreenPens commercial concept video New Zealand Magic online at

It’s FREE! At the New Zealand Tourism site.

Vote as many times as you can.  And please forward and share this link with your contacts too.

Go to the 100% New Zealand Site.

Please help! Peter Jackson and Barrie Osborn (Producers of LTOR) have teamed up with Tourism New Zealand to promote travel to their country. They are soliciting concepts from producers and filmmakers and will provide production services to the winning Production company.

Only three minutes of your time can put us over the top!  Please go to the Tourism New Zealand web site (above) and VOTE for ScreenPens, New Zealand Magic.

If you enjoy the video, please forward this email to your all friends and contacts (we’ll even take enemies!)  in FaceBook, MySpace, Linked In, Twitter, etc and urge them to vote for ScreenPens,  New Zealand Magic as well.

Happy New Year and thanks so much for helping us at ScreenPens WIN PETER JACKSON.

Thanks from the crew at ScreenPens.Com


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