ScreenPens Video “New Zealand Magic” Scores in the top 4% of all “Most Popular” Peter Jackson, Submissions

Pheww! Voting and submissions have ended. the two month long event has been trying and exhilarating at the same time.  But  well worth the effort.

ScreenPens hilarious video “New Zealand Magic”, thanks to all of your votes, has achieved the top 4% of all “most popular” submissions on the Peter Jackson / Tourism New Zealand “Your Big Break” video production event.

ScreenPens, wrote, shot and produced this hilarious video in ONLY 5 WORKING DAYS, with the help of our friends who contributed their time and talent to the project.

Conceived, Written and Directed by Mike Palmisciano

Starring Leslie Meisel (spokes person) and Danielle Hess (spokes girl)

also Starring Craig Blair (as Voice of the Spokes Person)

Director of Photography – Erik Vidal

Video Edited by Larry Bobker

Post Sound and Dubbing by Billy Cobin

Production Coordinator – Vanessa King.

Check out the finished video here in the left column of this page titled “New Zealand Magic” or go to our Facebook Fan Page site. Cheers to all that helped and supported us with votes.

Now we wait to see what the judges think. Thanks to all that supported us in this event. Keep you fingers crossed!


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