“Throw Out The Baby” – Distribution Model

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” meaning don’ t throw away what’s valuable with what is not valuable. This age old saying has some implicit wisdom in it.

But does it meet the needs or is it even relevant in today’s era of digital media distribution where “The Baby” can be copied, ripped and redistributed at will by millions of people in the time it takes to change the diapers?  More importantly is there some logic we can garner from this case?

ScreenPens has written extensively on methods of monetizing your work. Ways of actually getting paid and making a bit of scratch from the digital media that you create. While mega companies like Apple, Sony, Hulu, YouTube etc. battle over the MultiVerse, trying to control and squeeze pennies from Heaven, we here at ScreenPens have been devising and reporting on ways to beat them at their own game.

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HowTo: Seven: Tips for the Indie Filmmaker

[Mike’s Comments:] via Cinematical by Chris Ullrich on 10/26/06

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When the realization hits you that what you really want to do is direct, produce or otherwise make independent films, just like your heroes Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth, Kevin Smith or James Wan, there are many thoughts that may go through your head: “What should I make my film about?”, “Where should I shoot my film?”, “Who can I get to be in my film?” and my personal favorite “Do I have enough room on my credit cards to pay for all this?” The answer to that last one is probably “no” but heck, don’t let that stop you!

These are all valid questions that haunt many an aspiring independent filmmaker, causing more than one sleepless night. Over the years, I’ve spent some time in the trenches making independent (and not so independent) films. So to help alleviate some of your anxiety and hopefully reduce the number of your sleepless nights, I’m presenting some tips for the independent filmmaker. Hopefully, these seven tips can serve as a guideline to those of you brave enough — or dumb enough — to want to make independent films. Actually, being both brave and a little dumb probably doesn’t hurt.

Anyway, here we go.

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HowTo:Survival Tips for the Aging Independent Filmmaker

via Cinematical by Chris Ullrich on 10/15/06

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sayles.jpgNo one likes to be called “aging” or, God forbid, “old,” but it happens to the best of us eventually. The years go by and your mind gets a little fuzzy, the music gets a little too loud from those darn kids next door and if your an independent filmmaker, you might start to wonder why you struggle each year, barely making a living, producing or directing films most people may never see. At some point it has to hit you that doing this for the rest of your life is a much shorter trip than it used to be.

A recent New York Times story takes a good look at the “aging” independent filmmakers out there who, with their work, and struggle to find work, help define exactly what it means to be an independent filmmaker. As the article states, many of them toil in virtual obscurity, producing films that are lucky to find a home on the festival circuit, let alone a place at the local multiplex or in your DVD player. Even the ones that have achieved some measure of success in the past are having a much harder time of it in the modern filmmaking world.

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