“ScreenPens, Ltd” and “3.2 Miles 2” WIN Coveted PEI Film Festival

What would you do?

Once More EdenScreenPens, Ltd and it’s talented writing / production partner “3.2 Miles 2” (3.2 Miles square) have been awarded 1st Prize for Best New Un-Produced Screenplay entitled ONCE MORE EDEN, by the prestigious PEI Film Festival.


“It’s been a long haul”, said  MS  King in a celebratory dinner last night with ScreenPens Producer / Writer Mike P.  We’ve worked together on this script for months, outlining, structuring, developing characters and story until it shined to become one of the best new original screenplays on the market.

The joint effort began several months ago when Ms. King (3.2 Miles 2) and Mike P (ScreenPens, Ltd.) met to discuss a story concept idea uncovered by Ms. King. The story development team here at ScreenPens immediately recognized this concept as a QUALITY high concept and commercial story we could jointly develop.

We set about developing the story and script, working with several treatment re writes, until we felt it was ready for prime time.  Then another several months writing the script. Which also went through no less than 4 revisions.

Ms. King was invited to the PEI Festival to perform an except reading from the script, which was highly received as well.

ONCE MORE EDEN  is the thrilling  story about a humanitarian Army Nurse, conscripted against her will into the ultra secret  MANHATTAN PROJECT, who defies the entire US Army, when she risks her life to prevent the nuclear holocaust at Hiroshima.

In the vein of NORTH COUNTRY, ERIN BROCKOVICH and CHINA SYNDROME, ONCE MORE EDEN features a strong female lead who, after uncovering the hideous truth around her, steps up, against overwhelming odds, to “do the right thing”.

In the socially current sub text the story deals openly and fairly with debate over the proliferation and deployment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) delving deeply and honestly into the actual historical background.

ONCE MORE EDEN is currently under consideration by three “A” list, Oscar caliber,  actresses. Additionally the script is a top finisher in five (5) other significant industry events (ie. Boston Film Festival etc.)

Interested Directors and or Executive Producers may obtain a copy of the script by sending an email request to:


Only serious queries will be addressed. Copies will be forwarded by our representatives.

Cheers, and congratulations to ScreenPens and 3.2 Miles 2!



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