Stop Bitching – JUST MAKE FILMS! Part II

Me and the Gang!

We’ve all been hearing about how Hollywood has significantly reduced the number of new films being made each year. Budgets and staff are being cut like fat off a pig! Fewer New Writers and Filmmakers are getting their big shot. Is this a BAD THING? Not necessarily.

There’s a simple answer to the problem of Hollywood cutting back on the number of scripts that are being greenlit. Make and distribute your own films and video content.

With the technology as cheap as it is and the great majority of talent (writers, directors, actors etc.) sitting around ‘on the beach’ (many of them in other online groups!), one answer is for us to take matters into our own hands to make  and distribute original films ourselves.

We sometimes forget that Hollywood is a business. It’s a “factory” for films.  What’s happening in Tinsel Town is that the  “Hollywood Factory System” of making and distributing films is becoming rapidly squeezed due to the vast FREE and CHEAP market on the Internet.

Demand for new films and video content is higher than ever. Make your own films, cheaper or shorter. Structure your stories as multiple shorter episodes.  Format them for DVDs and mobile consumption. Self distribute via Amazon and other sites that provide technology to do this.

The Hollywood Factory System is on the ropes. In a dicey effort to reduce their risk, they increasingly depend on existing material that already has an audience (ie comics, remakes, video games and past TV shows etc.) New writers and filmmakers rarely have access to this type of material.

Because of this, they are circling the wagons, providing less access to “new blood”. Ideas are becoming “inbred” and highly derivative. Hollywood’s only choice is to make fewer, BIGGER films that hit the “greatest common denominator” and are global in their appeal (ie Avatar etc.). This may work for them, but it leaves the indie filmmakers increasingly in the cold.

We forget that at the dawn of film, brave and adventurous filmmakers bought their own gear, wrote a great script, pulled a few friends together, made magic and invented a brand new industry.

The time is ripe for the little guys to re-inherit the business. Stop wringing your hands and fighting over the Dinosaurs.  STOP BITCHING and JUST MAKE FILMS!

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Mike P.


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