New Zealand Magic (Commercial Video)

New Zealand Magic – Promotional Commercial Video produced for Peter Jackson (LOTR) and Tourism New Zealand.  Audience – US consumer.

Concept / Written / Produced by Mike Palmisciano – ScreenPens, Ltd.

SpokesPerson – Leslie Meisel

Spokes Girl – Danielle Hess

Spokes Person VO – Craig Blair

Post Production – Larry Bobker (Video Editor), Billy Cobin (Sound Editor)

Challenge:  – Client was looking for a memorable, high impact commercial video to promote US tourism to New Zealand that incorporated an innovative representation of the catchphrase, “New Zealand, The Youngest Country on Earth” and featured the many natural wonders and nightlife of New Zealand cities.

ScreenPens Delivered – We first created the unique on-screen persona of “Kiwi Joe” a tough New Zealand tour guide… in the body of a 10 year old boy. Kiwi Joe leads the tour (a diverse group of grumpy Americans) on a world wind adventure through New Zealand’s Magical landscape. By the time they return to the airport, they have all been transformed into happy childhood versions of themselves; renewed and rejuvenated.


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