Event: NYC Producer’s Cert Course by Raindance Fest

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Course 1: A Case Study: Single Picture Financing

Wednesday, October 27th – John Hadity

This workshop will give an industry overview of how to finance a motion picture, including the health of the industry, trends in financing, advantages and disadvantages of studio financing, financing partners, production loans, foreign pre-sales, negative pick-ups, acquisitions, gap and mezzanine financing, and private equity.

Course 2 : Legal Aspects of Single Picture Financing

Thursday, October 28th – Innes Smolansky

This seminar will teach you the best ways to get started, and the necessary legal needs to be addressed in the “big picture” from A to Z.

Course 3: Narrative Production

Wednesday, November 3rd – Trevite Willis

Learn how to create a cohesive investor presentation to a group or individual, how to review the elements of a business plan, how to create a compelling powerpoint and get tips on pitching!

Course 4:  Marketing and Distribution for Films

Wednesday, November 10th – Elliot Grove

The essential task for filmmakers is creating a marketing plan for your film. Learn how to utilise the trade press, consumer press and film festivals to turn your film (and yourself) into this year’s cult classic.

Course 5: Social Media for Filmmakers

Wednesday, November 17th – Roman Sierra

As a filmmaker in today’s market place, it’s becoming essential that you understand how to use Social Media. Learn how to build a core audience for your film using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Event: Raindance Filmmaking Doc & John Reiss Classes

ScreenPens premier partner The Raindance Film Festival (largest indie film fest in the UK) has published it’s fall curriculum of it’s much sought after Filmmaking classes. Check out the descriptions and click on the links to find out more and to register.



Documentary Production

September 22nd / 23rd / 29th, October 6th / 13th (5 evenings – 7:00pm > 9:30pm) Cap 21, 18 West 18th Street,  New York, NY 10011
Course Objectives
Learn how to fund, produce and distribute an independent documentary project, short or feature-length.


Week 1: Funding Fundamentals: Intro to raising money for your documentary

Wednesday September 22nd – Reva Goldberg (Cinereach)

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This workshop will provide an overview of the landscape for funding documentaries. Some questions we will address include: Should I wait to find funding or just grab a camera and start following my story? When and how do I approach investors, broadcasters or distributors about getting involved with my project?

Week 2: Basic Legal Contracts for Documentaries

Thursday September 23rd – Innes Smolansky

Camera Rights and clearances issues specific to documentary production as well as legal needs of documentary producers will be covered in this workshop.

Week 3: From Script to Deliverables: The Nuts and Bolts of Documentary Production and Post-Production production

Wednesday, September 29th – Julia Mintz (Documentary Producer)

This seminar will focus on workflow and the creative process involved in putting together a production plan for your documentary project. It will give attendees an opportunity to engage in a dynamic dialogue with documentary industry professionals

Week 4: Documentaries & Film Festivals: What You Should Know

Wednesday, October 6th – Basil Tsiokos (Programming Associate for Sundance)

This workshop will offer practical advice for documentarians from a seasoned film festival programmer about how to get your documentary into festivals and how to maximize your experience when selected.

Week 5: Outreach, marketing and self distribution strategies for documentary film

Wednesday, October 13th – Lila Yomtoob

In this course you will learn tools you will need to run a successful campaign for your film.

Who Should Attend
Filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, producers, documentary lovers of all levels of perspective and who are seeking how to produce, fund and distribute an independent documentary project, short or feature-length.

Real World Survival Skills
for Independent Filmmakers

Sunday, October 3rd 2010 – 6pm-8pm – Central Manhattan
Course ObjectivesA crash course on how to make it as a filmmaker in New York City.

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About This Course
Camera This workshop will be a survey and introduction to a fresh approach at film distribution and marketing. Jon Reiss will walk you through his modern, practical and unique game plan for efficiently connecting you and your film with the audience it deserves.

Following subjects will be covered:
– Goals for your film, career.
– Moving from a project to project model to a career centric model.
– How to identify audiences for your films.
– Redefining film rights from a filmmakers perspective so as to better engage a split rights/hybrid model.
– Integrating distribution and marketing into the filmmaking process.

Who Should Attend
Filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, producers, cinema lovers of all levels of expertise.

About the Tutor
Jon ReissNamed one of “10 Digital Directors to Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is developing a number of new feature film projects while working the long tail of distribution for his latest film. ”’Bomb It’ is a feature documentary covering the explosion of graffiti culture throughout the world and shot on five continents. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has screened at over 20 others including Full Frame Doc Fest.

Jon also teaches in the Film Directing Program where he developed and oversees the Guest Artist Workshop. He also invented and teaches the course “Real World Survival Skills for Independent Filmmakers” which covers the practical/business aspects of filmmaking from fundraising through distribution.

His previous documentary feature film was Better Living Through Circuitry, a startling, humorous and entertaining glimpse into the exploding rave culture featuring such acts as the Crystal Method, Roni Size, and Moby, among others. The film played at such festivals as RESfest, Rotterdam, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Los Angeles Independent, Seattle, Vancouver, and Sheffield International Doc Festival before being released theatrically in the United States. Following its theatrical distribution the film had numerous screenings on Showtime and Sundance Channel as well as a worldwide DVD/VHS release.

As an award-winning music video director, Reiss has directed videos for Nine Inch Nails, The Black Crowes, Danzig, Slayer, and the Kottonmouth Kings. Reiss’ “Happiness in Slavery” video for Nine Inch Nails won awards at the Chicago and San Francisco film festivals. His shorts screened at festivals throughout the world including Sundance, Berlin, New Directors/New Films, Edinburgh, and Chicago. Reiss received his MFA from the UCLA Film School.