Event: NYC Producer’s Cert Course by Raindance Fest

To find out more info and registrations click here!

Course 1: A Case Study: Single Picture Financing

Wednesday, October 27th – John Hadity

This workshop will give an industry overview of how to finance a motion picture, including the health of the industry, trends in financing, advantages and disadvantages of studio financing, financing partners, production loans, foreign pre-sales, negative pick-ups, acquisitions, gap and mezzanine financing, and private equity.

Course 2 : Legal Aspects of Single Picture Financing

Thursday, October 28th – Innes Smolansky

This seminar will teach you the best ways to get started, and the necessary legal needs to be addressed in the “big picture” from A to Z.

Course 3: Narrative Production

Wednesday, November 3rd – Trevite Willis

Learn how to create a cohesive investor presentation to a group or individual, how to review the elements of a business plan, how to create a compelling powerpoint and get tips on pitching!

Course 4:  Marketing and Distribution for Films

Wednesday, November 10th – Elliot Grove

The essential task for filmmakers is creating a marketing plan for your film. Learn how to utilise the trade press, consumer press and film festivals to turn your film (and yourself) into this year’s cult classic.

Course 5: Social Media for Filmmakers

Wednesday, November 17th – Roman Sierra

As a filmmaker in today’s market place, it’s becoming essential that you understand how to use Social Media. Learn how to build a core audience for your film using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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