Interview: Indie Rockers LOVE CRUSHED VELVET

ScreenPens Interview with the hot Indie music band “LOVE CRUSHED VELVET.

SP: What drove you to get into music; Hate 9-5 gigs, an artist, a dark obsession?

LCV: I studied piano as a pre-teen and foolishly gave it up when facial hair started appearing. Then when I was 17, I heard some punk music blasting out of my radio one night and I got hooked, bought a guitar a week later and basically taught myself to sing and play. I never thought of making music in the context of a career, per se. It’s something that I wanted to do, one way or another.

LCV: (9-5?)I am less against 9-5 than I am about living a rigid corporate life. That would be a slow, bleeding death. Structure in and of itself is not a terrible thing, although most of us bohemians play homage to railing against it.

LCV: (An Artist?) There’s always a particular artist involved.

LCV: (Dark Obsession?) There are certain elements of our personalities and lives that can only be expressed and touched musically. Sometimes those can be bright and happy elements. LOVE CRUSHED VELVET is not about bright and happy. LOVE CRUSHED VELVET comes from a seductive yet slightly dangerous place. We are not on the dark side, but love to flirt with it.

SP: Your song “Love Crush” has a driving retro 80’s back beat. A lot like Billy Idol. Is this intentional?


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