Interview: Indie Rockers LOVE CRUSHED VELVET

ScreenPens Interview with the hot Indie music band “LOVE CRUSHED VELVET.

SP: What drove you to get into music; Hate 9-5 gigs, an artist, a dark obsession?

LCV: I studied piano as a pre-teen and foolishly gave it up when facial hair started appearing. Then when I was 17, I heard some punk music blasting out of my radio one night and I got hooked, bought a guitar a week later and basically taught myself to sing and play. I never thought of making music in the context of a career, per se. It’s something that I wanted to do, one way or another.

LCV: (9-5?)I am less against 9-5 than I am about living a rigid corporate life. That would be a slow, bleeding death. Structure in and of itself is not a terrible thing, although most of us bohemians play homage to railing against it.

LCV: (An Artist?) There’s always a particular artist involved.

LCV: (Dark Obsession?) There are certain elements of our personalities and lives that can only be expressed and touched musically. Sometimes those can be bright and happy elements. LOVE CRUSHED VELVET is not about bright and happy. LOVE CRUSHED VELVET comes from a seductive yet slightly dangerous place. We are not on the dark side, but love to flirt with it.

SP: Your song “Love Crush” has a driving retro 80’s back beat. A lot like Billy Idol. Is this intentional?


SP: Your song “Love Crush” has a driving retro 80’s back beat. A lot like Billy Idol. Is this intentional?

LCV: When I originally wrote the song, it was a slow dirge that was meant to evoke the feeling that one has the morning after a night which was filled with choices that might have been contrary to one’s better judgment. When we went into the studio to record it, we tried playing it fast, just to see how it would feel as up tempo. Our drummer, THOMMY PRICE, used to play for BILLY IDOL and he approached the song with that kind of feel. I was always a big fan of Billy’s work, so we decided to go with that version of the song as a tribute of sorts.

SP: How did you guys meet?

LCV: A few mutual friends had tried to connect me with Thommy and Jimi separately. As it turned out, they had also played together in the BLACKHEARTS, so we’re already familiar with each other. The actual introduction with Thommy came when I had met his girlfriend at a friend’s clothing boutique. Since his name had come up three separate times within a week. I knew intuitively that we was going to be the guy that plays drums for this band. Both Thommy and Jimi then played with me for a while in my solo band and the whole thing finally morphed into what is now LOVE CRUSHED VELVET.

SP: Who’s the hot naked chick in your video? Friend? Fan? Hooker?

LCV: Not a hooker! LOL.  None of my friends would’ve been comfortable enough to do those scenes without an exuberant amount of alcohol, so we ended up bringing in an actress from the outside who ended up being quite a sweet girl and was fabulously playful. She and Thommy were the real stars of the video.

SP: Who have been some of your primary music influences?

LCV: I am too young to have caught the pioneers of punk and post-punk when their music came out, but I was heavily influenced by those genres. Bands like THE CLASH, STRANGLERS, early U2, The VELVET UNDERGROUND, NEW YORK DOLLS, THE STOOGES, not to mention classics like THE DOORS, THE STONES and “Leather-Clad” ELVIS.

SP: Favorite Intoxicant – Beer? Wine? Whiskey?

LCV: All of the above… preferably not together. And I am a complete sucker for great Tequila.

SP: Describe your perfect fan… in ONE word?

LCV: Orgasmoenthusiastic!

SP: What’s the DNA behind the name Love Crushed Velvet…how did you come up with it?

LCV: I’d been tossing around band name ideas for a while, and even threw a party once to get input and ideas from friends and fans. You can only imagine what a mess that was, although it was a great party! Shortly thereafter, I wrote the title track of the album and it’s name immediately stuck out as also being a great band name that really epitomized the spirit of the music in a what that couldn’t easily be put into words. Eventually, I stopped fighting it and accepted that this was what the band was destined to be called. Haven’t looked back since.

SP: What can we expect to see from LVC in the next three months?

LCV: We’re working on a slew of new content, including music and performance videos, as well as additional singles. We will also be supporting the album live; both as a full band and in solo acoustic performances. The process of exposing the world to LOVE CRUSHED VELVET has really only begun so it’s all quite a fresh and exciting and it’s been great fun making new fans along the way and seeing what a strong response the music is evoking.

SP How can new fans follow/contact the band?

LCV: LOVECRUSHEDVELVET.COM,  As well as WordPress and MySpace. Not to mention Facebook. We are starting to pick up some radio airplay in different markets as well. So that will hopefully continue too.

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