Semi Finalist  – “Sell A Script “,

Semi Finalist – “Screenwriters Expo”,

Semi Finalist – “Blue Cat Screenplays”

Status – Pre Development, 94 Pages

Written by – Mike Palmisciano

Genre: Contained Psychological Thriller


Sequestered at a remote old family estate, a desperate female anthropologist recruits the aid of an odd “Past Lives” psychiatrist to battle a dark force she suspects has stalked her soul through time.

High Concept /Hook:

EIDOLON is a moody, character based psychological thriller in the vein of Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones”, with limited characters and locations employing a unique hook that has never been done. Over 90% of the US and global population believe in some form of “past life” however we’ve never seen a character based thriller that explores the darker ramifications. Suppose the souls of the people we know actually do follow us through time? Suppose one of those is malevolent?




Claire Reed was a glamorous, world renowned anthropologist, who has traveled the globe in an almost obsessive pursuit of the past.  Three years ago, after marrying top plastic surgeon David Reed, her career, life and mental health take a turn for the worse. Plagued by horrific nightmares she makes a determined suicide play. At the end of her rope, urged by friends, she seeks out an odd Indian psychiatrist who informs her that her demons may not be… “just in her head”.  At her breaking point Claire receives an invitation to weekend at Eidolon, an isolated family Estate, for a much needed break.

Claire arrives to find Eidolon is haunting but beautiful. She is surprised by Orin Rasmussen, an unsettling estate broker, and shocked with news that the entire property is hers by way of a long dead Aunt she’s never met.  Touring the premises she meets  Mr and Mrs Beans, the earthy, married housekeepers and decides to accept ownership. That night a sudden storm forces her to stay Claire’s nightmares become increasingly real as she finds that the housekeepers and Rasmussen may not be whom they seem. It’s clear they want something from her… but is this all just in her head?

After Rasmussen brutally attacks Claire. The shock shatters Claire’s reality into parallel threads neither of which she is sure is real. To her horror she suspects some of her current friends want her dead and that she protects some long forgotten secret. Rasmussen will kill her to get it. Juxtaposed is her “real life” where her friends believe she is dangerously unbalanced. With her life on the line and only herself to rely on, Claire forms a desperate plan to counter a threat no one else is convinced is real. In a unique twist Claire forms a pact with her own “past life” self,  turning the tables on Rasmussen in a thrilling and spectacular manner. Rasmussen is destroyed liberating Claire from the terror of Eidolon. In the light of day, she must confront the possibility that all of it and perhaps none of it was ever real.

Poster Tag:  “The woman she used to be… is her only ally!”

Filmmakers interested in this property please contact Screenpens



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