NRC 12-36

Semi Finalist – “Screenwriters Expo”,

Semi Finalist – “Blue Cat Screenplays”

Status – Pre Development, 95 Pages

Written by – Mike Palmisciano

Genre: Contained Sci Fi  Action /Thriller


A hardened ex-military assassin finds redemption when he rallies a rag-tag mining crew to smash an alien sneak attack at an isolated methane refinery on the surface of Titan.

High Concept /Hook:

“NRC12-36″  is a  moderate budget, contained commercial Sci Fi Action / Thriller with topical political subtext (like District 9 / Oblivion / Elysium) that features a small cast of memorable, diverse characters, great dialogue, limited locations (90% are single location interiors) and built on a thrilling fast paced “alien espionage” story line on domination and exploitation of the worlds resources.  Some concept art and a draft project budget/proposal is available as well. NRC 12-36 is the perfect break out vehicle for a male and female action star.

Synopsis: NRC 12-36

NRC 12-36 Titan GeoSynch Orbit

NRC 12-36 Titan GeoSynch Orbit

On Earth, dwindling fuel supplies have sparked world wide strife. The Western economies square off against third world terror groups.  At NCR 12-36, an isolated, off-world methane refinery, a small contingent of hardy roughnecks (miners) and military personnel exploit Titan’s vast methane fuel resources.  Gideon Stark, a man with a past, tells lies to his daughter. She wants to know the real reason he won’t come home to Earth. The truth is Gideon has much darker issues to resolve before he can ever face his daughter again.

When the largest solar flare in human history strikes unexpectedly and all communications are knocked off line for four days, Gideon discovers that he and the station are cut off from Earth. Unaware of the event scope, the crew looks forward to a temporary shut down. Their dreams of paid vacation evaporate when a scout ship crash lands and Major Harlee Jane, a shadowy military liaison, informs them that a massive terrorist attack has been launched under the disruption of the solar flare.  She’s been ordered to secure the base and take martial control but it’s clear to Gideon that she has a hidden agenda. Soon people begin to act strange and disappear. Gideon concludes an alien terrorist, posing as human, has infiltrated the station with the goal of destroying everyone and everything on the base.  No one knows who’s- who as Gideon rallies the survivors for a last ditch stand to save not only their lives but the lives of every human being on Earth.

Poster Tag:  “Man’s last hope… is a billion miles from home!”

Filmmakers interested in this property please contact Screenpens


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