Now for a smile… All those hard working writers, toiling away in the dark, after their “day jobs” scratching out the one GREAT high concept idea that will totally wow those stone faced producers in your pitch meeting.

Beware… the end is near.

For your enjoyment, a bit of satire from our friends at Studio Exec Blog.

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Feed: Studio Exec
Posted on: Thursday, May 08, 2014 1:46 AM
Author: Chad Sternburger

Private Benjamin

HOLLYWOOD – With originality as popular as ass cancer in Hollywood at the moment, studios have just launched a plan on how to make sure they never have to touch an original idea again: to remake remakes which are already in production.
An insider told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the industry wide plan, known by its code name ‘Double Whammy’:

There are only so many remakes available because of the quickly vanishing seam of old films that were any good. We’re also doing TV shows and toys, games and comic books and films that weren’t particularly good, naturally, but even so sometimes there’s a gap in the schedule and some bullshit like Wolf of Wall Street or 12 Years a Slave slips through.

The plan looks to double the number of films that can be remade by remaking films which are already in the process of being remade:

We got the idea from the Amazing Spider-Man series at Sony. It works like this. Private Benjamin is currently being prepped with Rebel Wilson. Well, we’re going to piggy back the production with a remake of that version but starring Kate Hudson and we’re going to put it out in a year or so after the release. Ditto Point Break. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles already has a prequel in the works.

The Blog-o-sphere has been divided by the news with the Geek-o-verse jizzing while people who like films redrafting suicide notes from 1987, before realizing the awful irony.

Private Benjamin and Point Break will be released in 2015 to be followed in 2016 by The Amazing Private Benjamin and Point Amazing Break. OZmCy5LyiWk

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