Once More Eden

Winner: 1st Choice, PEI Film Festival – Best New Screenplay

Quarter Finalist: Nicholl Screenwriting Festival 2011

Top Choice: Final Draft

Semi Finalist:  American Screenwriting, Blue Cat, Creative Screen, Scriptapoolza, More…

Status: Development, 116 pages.

Written by: Vanessa King and Mike Palmisciano (developed from  a story concept  pitched by Vanessa King)

Genre: Thriller based on a  true story.

Attachments: Three “A” list Oscar and Emmy winning actresses are currently reviewing the script.  Two “A” list  female directors are considering the project.

What would you do?

Once More Eden

ONCE MORE EDEN is  the story of a humanitarian army nurse, conscripted into the ultra secret US Manhattan project, who after experiencing a horrific tragedy, risks her life to prevent the planned nuclear holocaust at Hiroshima.

In the vein of NORTH COUNTRY, ERIN BROCKOVICH and THE CHINA SYNDROME, ONCE MORE EDEN features an everyday woman (ANNE DUNLEAVY) who after being conscripted into the US’s most top secret Manhattan Project, is exposed first hand to the horrific effects of WMDs deployed on human populations, steps up to the task of preventing the annihilation of an estimated 1 million civilians.

Annie (an everyday housewife and civilian nurse in Buffalo NY) at first wary of her husband’s suspicious travel schedule and behavior, suspects him of having an affair with a beautiful but emotionally distant female Army Captain (FRANCINE ENGLES). After a bit of innocent snooping, Annie accidentally stumbles upon clues to the ultra top secret Manhattan Project.  She and her friend Thel are arrested and transported to Oakridge, Tennessee where the massive R&D budget of  the entire US Military is focused on one deadly purpose. The first Weapon of Mass Destruction to be deployed on a human population.  There Annie receives the shock of her life.

Motivated by the painful radiation poisoning deaths of dozens of innocent patients. Annie decides she can not stand by. Her goal is to realize the hopes of hundreds of project workers (including  Leo Szilard and Albert Eisenstein)  to intimidate the Japanese into surrender and avoid a massive loss of life.  But the US military, anxious for “pay back” over Pearl Harbor and fearful of an assault on the Japanese Islands, pressure Harry Truman into the “go” decision.  Annie takes it upon herself to abscond with undeniable visual proof of the US’s overwhelming nuclear capabilities.

Betrayed by SAM SCHAFFER, a suave, shadowy government liaison she’s known for years, Annie and her scandalous outspoken best friend Thel are pursued with extreme prejudice when it’ s learned that they’ve taken the proof. Annie’s only chance is to make it back to her hometown where she can transfer the proof to the only person who can help her advert inevitable global nuclear proliferation and make the world ONCE MORE EDEN.

Tag: We know it happened… but not what could have been.

(Note: The title ONCE MORE EDEN is a reference to H.G. Wells 1914 novel “A World Set Free” which is credited by physicist Leo Szilard as the source of his insight which made nuclear weapons a reality)

ScreenPens and our talented writing partner 3.2 Miles 2 (square) are accepting requests from qualified Directors and Executive producers at  screenpens@nyc.rr.com



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