The Melon Man

Top 20 Best New Screenplays in Hollywood

Finalist:  Script Magazine, Creative Screen, Fade In, More…

Status: Development, 100 pages.

Written by: Mike Palmisciano

Genre: Comedic Caper / Thriller

THE MELON MAN  is the fast paced,  sexy, twisted story of a charismatic small time grifter (Sticky Eddie), his volatile, hilarious Russian girlfriend (Valeria) and a square Indian Math genius (Niti) who take down the mob, the FBI, Korean gangsters and a host of rouge characters in a blistering long-con for the score of their lives.

In the vein of MATCHSTICK MEN, CONFIDENCE and GET SHORTY, THE MELON MAN features an ambitious but small time con man (Sticky Eddie Fine) in his last ditch attempt to steal enough dough to “buy” his visa challenged Russian girlfriend (Valeria Molotov) a new green card, conscripts his clueless Indian friend (Niti a twisted math genius) into a never before seen long con that pits the FBI, the Mob and an eccentric, sociopathic Korean gambler  against each other to take down a multi million dollar race track score.

Set in the idyllic Saratoga Race Track area, Eddy rips off “Texas” Lin Park, a compulsive and dangerous Korean gangster (with a cowboy fetish) of his briefcase which is supposed to contain over two million dollars. When Eddy and Val open the case, they are shocked to find it contains something unexpected and of infinitely more value.  Now the FBI, the Mob and the Koreans all want Eddie and Val dead.

Eddie conscripts Niti to set up a never before seen long con designed to liberate the money and themselves from harms way. But the bad guys, tweak Eddie’s plan capturing Val as a hostage.  With time running out and Val’s life in the balance, the Fed’s and the bad guys converge on Eddie and turn the tables on him… or is this all part of Eddie’s plan?

The story rockets down the track like a runaway freight train full of unexpected twists, turns and who’s who until the very last page reveal.

Tag: “Who can really live on just love”.

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